9-1-13 Recording Update and THANKS!!!

Tracking for the album is completely done. What a summer it has been. As we begin to move towards mixing and mastering, it's time to stop and give a huge thanks to the friends, family, and fans who made the decision to donate and become a part of this project:

Ali Wall, Alicia Martell, Andrew (Stumpy) Stump, Anna Johnsrud, Brynne Grady, Cara Petonic, Carly Delavan, Cashin Chandler, Cassie Ramhap, Chris Hanrahan, my brother Chris Hein (wins for spreading the word the furthest), Chuck Comito, Dan Becker, Dan Martell, David Pasley, Denise Lunny, Diane Wright, Don Abblitt, Emily Carruthers, Eric Ardam, Ericka Krupka, my other brother Greg Hein, Guy Intoci, Heather Greene, Jake Nagy (who also deserves a huge thanks for helping me make the video), Janet Buongiorno, Jess Bonelli, Jess Meginley, Jesse McNulty, Justin Rodgers, Katy Snyder, Ken Estes, Kev Wright, Kyle Curry, Kyle Gunderson, Kyle Morgan, Lisa Carruthers, Lynne Maggio, Matt Scott, Maureen Dougherty, Mollie Gross, Nave Strauss, Nick Baker, Nick Busso, Nick Wolfe, Pete Morseon, Pete Servon, Rachel Kirschen, Rachel Scudder, Raghavendra Vadali, Renita Sengupta, Robert Desjardin, Robin Rudner, Ruth Collis, Sarah Lunny, my Uncle Steve & Aunt Delia Galasso, Steve Steiner, Steve Augello, Theresa Lunny, Zach Halter.

And especially my folks (John and Donna Hein), the Lunny's (Michael and Allyson), and my wonderful girlfriend Kait (who often has more confidence in me than myself) for the incredible support these past weeks, months, and years.

Thanks so very much! I already can't wait for you guys to hear it!